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An Immersive Experience in Mindfulness Training

An immersive focus and relaxation training device which combines state-of-the-art neuroscience and Virtual Reality techniques.

The Dream Machine is an immersive awareness, focus, and relaxation training device, that aims to help improve and accelerate mindfulness training by combining state of the art neuroscience and Virtual Reality techniques.

The Dream Machine is an application that uses advanced signal processing techniques to monitor and analyse in the real-time brain and other biodata, extracting relevant features that tell us the mental state of the observer and using these features to curate the virtual environment.


The combination of Virtual Reality and Neuro Technology can democratise natures experiences in a beautiful, immersive way with a strong feeling of presence, and also seamlessly connect the nature created with the mind of the observer.


The Dream Machine is an easy to use awareness and focus training experience which provides real-time audio-visual feedback based on the users physical and mental state.

The Technology

This technology provides mindfulness meditation using a Virtual Reality device combined with a mobile EEG headset (electroencephalography) to monitor brain activity in addition to other wearable sensors for ECG signals, breathing patterns, and physical activity


The EEG brain signals are processed using advanced feature extraction algorithms to gauge the level of user concentration and relaxation in real-time.


The outcome is fed into a central control unit that adapts visual and audio stimuli for the user, whereby the clarity of displayed imagery is maximised when the concentration level of the user is high and the clarity is decreased as the user loses concentration.


This closed-loop system works autonomously and dynamically to provide positive real-time feedback to “train” the user’s mind to improve mindfulness experience and mental wellbeing. It also keeps a scorecard on the users’ progress so they can measure improvement over time.


The technology created for the Dream Machine encourages the user to relax by rewarding them instantly with a dynamic evolving experience, based on the users’ physical and mental state.

The Dream Machine demo platform is configurable and scalable to support a broad range of environments for virtual meditation.

The Dream Machine integrates elements of meditation into a virtual, adaptable, and neurofeedback-controlled environment that brings the tranquillity of nature to your home.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about The Dream Machine, please visit our YouTube Channel to watch our videos and talks on this patented relaxation and focus training tool.

Partner with us

If you are interested in using The Dream Machine please get in touch.

"In the future, systems like this could prove useful in a number of scenarios, such as reducing anxiety and stress in workplaces or just generally helping people improve their mindfulness practice."

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