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November 2018, TEDxZurich, Switzerland
Connecting with the world

Dr. Jamil El-Imad talks about the technologies he is building.

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Our objective is to continually engage a wider audience and broaden interest in brain science.

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11th -15th July 2020, Virtual Event
NeuroPro exhibits at the FENS

Federation of European Neuroscience bi-annual meeting. 

26th May 2021, Zurich, Switzerland
The Brain Forum 2021

Health sector digitalization: It’s time for action! What’s holding us back?

11th - 16th November 2016, San Diego, USA
SfN Global Connectome

Annual meeting for neuroscientists to present emerging science.

26-27th May 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland
The Brain Forum 2016

Advancing our understanding of how the brain works.

15 June 2022

Wirtschaftsraum: "Zürcher Epilepsie-Zentrum ist Vorreiter mit digitaler Kollaborationsplattform für komplexe neurologische Fälle". Zurich Epilepsy Center is a pioneer with a digital collaboration platform for complex neurological cases. NeuroPro's VMLpro

8 June 2022

Archyde: Zurich Epilepsy Center is a pioneer with a digital collaboration platform for complex neurological cases.
The Swiss Epilepsy Center at Klinik Lengg in Zurich, the largest center in Switzerland specializing in epilepsy, is pioneering the use of an advanced cloud-based multimedia platform.

8 June 2022

dzytig: "Zürcher Epilepsie-Zentrum ist Vorreiter mit digitaler Kollaborationsplattform für komplexe neurologische Fälle". Zurich Epilepsy Center is a pioneer with a digital collaboration platform for complex neurological cases.

8 June 2022

PPS Pressedienst: "Zürcher Epilepsie-Zentrum ist Vorreiter mit digitaler Kollaborationsplattform für komplexe neurologische Fälle" Zurich Epilepsy Center is a pioneer with a digital collaboration platform for complex neurological cases.
The largest Swiss epilepsy center uses an innovative cloud-based diagnostic platform on which so-called brain and other patient data can be analyzed in real time and from different locations. As a result, the diagnosis can be made more quickly and competently by involving specialists, and the quality of the treatment of neurological diseases can be improved. NeuroPro's VMLpro

8 June 2022

Press Release: Swiss Epilepsy Centre leads the way with Switzerland’s first digital collaboration platform for complex neurological cases.
The platform is based on VMLpro, an advanced cloud-based multimedia system solution designed by for remote diagnostics and collaborative work on patient data.

27 April 2022

Nerdable: Neuralink And Its Competitors Are The Future Of Humanity.
NeuroPro is name along with Neuralink and others as The Future Of Humanity

3 January 2022

Tech For Good: "The Year of Change"
As the world redefines itself in the midst of a medical and environmental crisis, Tech For Good speaks to business leaders to find out how new technologies will shape the coming months and drive more sustainable future. Featuring Dr Jamil El-Imad, CEO and Chief Scientist of NeuroPro

22 August 2021

TBTech: "Healthcare digitisation is seriously lagging"
For all the talk about digitised healthcare, the sector is only where banking was in the 1990s. So how can it catch up? Can the Covid-19 pandemic crisis be a catalyst? Dr Jamil El Imad, Chief Scientist at NeuroPro gives us his answer.

25 July 2021

Princeton University - Policy Punchline: "Jamil El-Imad: Connecting Our Brains to the World"
In “Connecting Our Brains to the World”, we discuss Dr. El-Imad’s decision to transition from software engineering to a neuroscience focus. Neuroscience is a fascinating field in which research can be taken in many directions.

27 June 2021

Sigma Squared: Dr Jamil El-Imad - "Stress and Unwanted Mood States!"
Sigma Squared is a global community of 1000+ entrepreneurs who are on a mission to transform broken industries and create positive impact. Sigma Squared was previously known as the Kairos Society which started in the United States more than 13 years ago in 2008.
This talk was given to the Sigma Squared Community in June 2021 from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Geneva.

14 June 2021

Netzwoche: "Auf der Suche nach dem E-Health-Boost" In search of the e-health boost
The digitization of the healthcare system is still progressing slowly. This is not due to a single actor, as the debate at the Brain Forum Foundation made clear. Achieving a breakthrough requires more utility and more collaboration. NeuroPro's Chief Product Officer Dr Teresa Sollfrank, joins the panel discussion..

14 June 2021

The Brain Forum Debates 2021: "Health sector digitisation. It's time for action! What's holding us back?"
Teresa Sollfrank, Dr. rer. nat., Chief Product Officer at NeuroPro joins a panel discussion on identifying deployable health care digital solutions, raises awareness on the obstacles that may lie ahead and highlights the extraordinary efficiencies that can be had from a digital transformation.

20 May 2021

Bernard Marr's "Extended Reality in Practice. 100+ Amazing ways virtual, augmented and mixed reality are changing business and society."
NeuroPro's The Dream Machine is featured as one of Bernard Marr's amazing ways virtual reality is changing society. "VR-enhanced relaxation - The Dream Machine".

8 April 2021

Princeton University Envision Summit: "Dr Jamil El Imad - AI; Intelligence without reasoning!"
Envision brings together current and future engineers, policy makers, scientists, philosophers, business leaders, and others who will lead the world in intellectual innovation.

1 April 2021

Euronews: What's the future of healthcare post-COVID-19?
What's the future of healthcare? Are you going to become your own doctor? Can AI beat the world's biggest diseases? Are hospitals as we know them going to disappear? What are the breakthrough technologies which will transform medicine in the next decade?
Euronews put these questions and more to a panel of experts, including Dr Jamil El-Imad, Chief Scientist and CEO of NeuroPro, in a live virtual debate.

16 February 2021 "Healthcare digitisation at point financial services was in 1990s"
For all the talk about digitised healthcare, the sector is only where banking was in the 1990s. How can it catch up? Can the Covid-19 pandemic crisis be a catalyst?
Opinion piece by Dr Jamil El-Imad, Chief Scientist and CEO at NeuroPro.

9 February 2021 "AI: An intelligence without reasoning! Can we trust it?"
Guest blogpost by Dr Jamil El Imad, Chief Scientist at NeuroPro.

28 July 2020

BBC News: "The Dream Machine - Training your brain to relax on a virtual island"
Michael Dempsey, Technology of Business reporter tries out NeuroPro's The Dream Machine. "The sense of escape that comes with sliding into a floating island vision did dilute the anxiety spurred by my tube journey. And the hovering Easter Island stage set is just one virtual location option among promised relaxing spots."

13 July 2020

NeuroPro exhibits the the FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience bi-annual meeting) 2020 Virtual Forum, sharing their tools VMLpro the Virtual Mobile Laboratory and NeuroVIS, a real-time data analysis and visualisation engine optimised for biosensory and neuroscience applications.

29 October 2019

ITPro: "How the pandemic has shaped the office of the future”.
NeuroPro’s Dream Machine - “I believe the future office’s primary function is to heal and to re-humanise the work environment and entrench a culture of compassion and individuality,” El-Imad tells IT Pro.

24 September 2019

W2O EMEA Marketing Science Summit 2019: "W2O Bringing Healthcare into the Digital Age".
“Digital integration is the number one priority in healthcare,” came the resounding pronouncement from our keynote speaker, Dr Jamil El-Imad, Chief Scientist at It’s a sentiment that we certainly believe in.

18 August 2019

NeuroPro partners with Innocence en Danger to support them during their art therapy and resilience camp

17 July 2019

IEEE: NeuroPro Research grant paper: A Real-Time ECG Feature Extraction Algorithm for Detecting Meditation Levels within a General Measurement Setup

25 June 2019

ASUT 45th Seminar, Bern: “Health Sector Digitization and the Building of a Brain Data Bank”
Jamil El-Imad, Chief Scientist @ announces the Brain Data Bank at the 45th Swiss Telecommunication Summit on the 25th of June, 2019.

7 December 2018

Computer World: "Entspannen in der virtuellen Realität". Relax in virtual reality
The developers and scientists at the Swiss start-up NeuroPro combine brain measurements with computer technology. Your Dream Machine is designed to help you relax.

27 November 2018

TEDx: "Connecting with the world"
Our brain needs exercise just as much as the body does, especially when it comes to mental resilience. NeuroPro's Jamil El-Imad talks about the technologies he is building to help do that! This talk was given at a SRF Studios in Zurich, Switzerland.

15 November 2018

Finanz und Wirtschaft: "Jamil El-Imad: Mit vielen Ideen Technik formen"
Jamil El-Imad: Shaping technology with lots of ideas. The native Lebanese living on Lake Zurich is brimming with high-tech visions.

10 October 2018

Culture Trip: "How Virtual Reality is Revolutionising Mental Health Care"
Invented by Dr Jamil El-Imad, a research fellow at London’s Imperial College, the Dream Machine is one of a new wave of VR systems in healthcare. Users put on a VR headset and engage in a virtual meditation while the system monitors concentration level and relaxation.

30 May 2018

Digital Health: "Sweet dreams are made of this: Using virtual reality to improve mental health".
Can devices such as the ‘Dream Machine’ improve mental health? Shreshtha Trivedi sits down for a chat with inventor and virtual reality expert Dr Jamil El-Imad to hear his views on virtual reality and how it can democratise well-being.

10 May 2018

US Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit 2018: "Bending the Cost Curve: Promise and Prospects"
NeuroPro's Chief Scientist Jamil El-Imad joins the Panel Discussion, in New York

17 January 2018

Computer "Dream machines: how IT is changing the world of neuroscience"
We talk to computer scientist and entrepreneur Jamil El Imad about the cutting-edge intersection of neuroscience and IT.

11 January 2018 "Health sector digitisation vital to combat mental health crisis"
Collaboration and digitisation within the health industry is critical to deal with the growing mental health crisis, but more support is needed from policymakers. Dr Jamil El-Imad of NeuroPro talks to Gamil Jassin on how healthcare industry must embrace collaboration and digitisation to deal with the mental health epidemic.

18 October 2017

The 2nd Sino-Swiss Healthcare Forum 2017: "Innovation: Path to the New World of Healthcare Management"
NeuroPro's Jamil El-Imad delivers a keynote speech on China and Switzerland: Investment Opportunities in the Healthcare Industry held at the UBS Konferenzgebäude Grünenhof, Zurich.

24 September 2017

TEDx: "Professions of the Future"
Jamil El-Imad speaks of working on the use of VR in the treatment of phobias and in democratising human experience as well as collaborating with a team that is launching a bio-sensory cloud service offering Big Data management, storage and processing solutions. This talk was given at a TEDx event held at the LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura) in Lugano, Switzerland

24 November 2016

NeuroPro Research Grant Paper: Dynamic EEG Compression Approach with Optimized Distortion Level for Mobile Health Solutions. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

3 September 2016

NeuroPro Research Grant Paper: Patient-aware adaptive ngram-based algorithm for epileptic seizure prediction using EEG signals. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

24 May 2016

Train your brain with NeuroPro at The Brain Forum 2016

5 November 2015

The Brain Forum 2015: Interview with NeuroPro
NeuroPro exhibits at the 2015 Brain Forum held in the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland where more than 1,000 attendees from 27 countries attended, with additional participants joining across the globe via live streaming.

29 August 2015

NeuroPro showcased as major sponsor of Brain Informatics in Health 2015 in London

28 April 2015

SWI :New device to predict epileptic attacks"
The prototype was presented at the recent international brain forum in Lausanne, jointly hosted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). The device developed by the Zurich-based NeuroPro medical research company will not only help to predict seizures, but could also be used in the diagnosis of epilepsy.

1 April 2015

SRF 10 vor 10: "Frühwarnung vor epileptischem Anfall" Early warning of epileptic seizures
Epilepsy is a widespread disease that makes everyday life a challenge. An epileptic seizure at the wrong moment can have devastating consequences. Neuroscientists have now presented a device at the "Brain Forum" in Lausanne that can warn patients of an epilepsy attack. News coverage on NeuroPro's solutions at The Brain Forum 2015.

1 April 2015

NBC News: Scientists in Switzerland working on early warning system for epilepsy patients.

20 April 2014

The Royal Albert Hall - Imagining the Future of Medicine: "Building a Brain Stethoscope" NeuroVIS by NeuroPro.
As part of its mission to promote access to the arts and sciences, the Royal Albert Hall hosted a historic event on Monday 21 April 2014, curating a spectacular and provocative program of talks from world experts celebrating innovation, imagination, inspiration and their passion for a better future in health and medicine.

20 April 2014

NeuroPro Bases New EEG Monitoring on imec Technology

5 April 2014

New FEA research study hopes to improve lives of epilepsy sufferers

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