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Cloud-Based Brain Data Aggregator Platform

Aggregator Platform, powered by Superior Software and Cloud Architecture

Our mission is to help hospitals and institutions working on brain-related diseases to anonymise, secure and organise patient cases and make these anonymised cases accessible globally for research and diagnosis.


Our goal is to help accelerate scientific progress in our understanding of the human brain, in the treatment of brain-related diseases and to help find new preventative ways to slow down the alarming rise in mental health conditions.
The Swiss Brain Data Bank (SBDB) is an aggregator platform, powered by superior software and cloud architecture created by NeuroPro. The platform assists hospitals and medical institutions that work on brain-related diseases to anonymize, secure and organize brain cases and make these cases accessible globally for research and diagnosis. The SBDB platform connects a two-sided market:


On the supply-side, medical institutions, the providers of datasets, upload or “deposit” anonymized brain datasets for licensing on the platform


On the demand side, institutions register to browse, buy, and download deposited datasets.

SBDB is making relevant brain data accessible in an anonymized, secure and timely manner, ensuring consistency, completeness and comparability of cases to support and empower human brain research.

The Technology

The SBDB Data Viewer, the technology behind SBDB, facilitates the collation, curation, collaboration and computation of extremely large EEG, MRI, CT scans and any kind of medical data sets from anywhere at any time. Scalable, secure cloud storage Rapid, parallel processing


Database management:

  • Built-in and Pluggable analytics Multiple, intuitive user-interface

  • The system security is guaranteed from SSL communication between clients and servers

  • Encrypted user repository (at rest and in transit)

  • Multi-tenant access privileges

  • Fully audited API calls

  • AWS firewalls protect database and analysis servers with multi-factor authentication​

SBDB is making relevant brain data accessible in an anonymised, secure, and timely manner, ensuring consistency, completeness, and availability of cases to support and empower the human brain research.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about the Brain Data Bank, please visit our YouTube Channel where you will find a play list of tutorials about the platform.

Partner with us

Join the Brain Data Bank to share your anonymised data assets with the research community.

Visit for more information.

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