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Experienced Leadership

Our team is comprised of passionate people from the worlds of technology, computer science, hospital administration, and medicine, dedicated to our mission of pushing the frontiers of medical science and significantly accelerating neurological research.

Halla Juffali
Romano Fanconi
Dr. Jamil El-Imad
Chief Scientist
Dr. Teresa Sollfrank
Chief Product Officer
Prof. Thomas Grunwald
Chief Medical Adviser

Our Story

NeuroPro was founded with the idea of combining advances in digital technology, signal processing, and brain science to achieve practical solutions for the management of the full spectrum of neurological and psychiatric disorders.


Our tools for monitoring, processing and analysing brain activity will contribute to significantly accelerated progress in brain research. They provide an advanced platform for the development of a wide range of health and wellness applications from supporting the development of brain observatories to remote telemonitoring, patient-led research, neurofeedback and cognitive wellness.

"NeuroPro’s tools are relevant to innovative entertainment, lifestyle and interaction solutions driven by brain computer interface technologies."

Our Vision

Advances in brain science offer benefits that will impact many aspects of our lives. Improved understanding of the brain will lead to improvements in the management and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders that affect millions.


A significant obstacle to progress is the volume of data that must be collected, monitored and analysed in order to better understand brain function. That is where we will make a difference. We take the latest advances in digital technology – mobile devices, flexible user interfaces and the power of cloud computing – and integrate them into innovative platforms that can enhance the work of researchers and clinicians or form the basis for application development.

"We aim to push the frontiers of brain science, by enhancing its accessibility and expanding its applications."

Our Approach

NeuroPro incorporates specialists from the fields of computer science, neurophysiology, bioengineering, and product, and user-interface design. This combination of skills allows us to adopt an informed interdisciplinary approach to the specific challenges facing those working in brain science.


Specifically, by unlocking the value of digital technologies and informatics, we have been able to create significant improvements in the techniques for signal processing and big data management for those involved in academic and clinical brain research.

"The tools we develop each operate as stand-alone solutions to targeted applications. Used together, they offer powerful integrated end-to-end systems that allow the capture, analysis, visualisation and communication of data in a simple, flexible and interconnected manner."

Why NeuroPro

Our focus now is on developing the next generation of hardware, software, and computing infrastructure that will make possible acquisition, management, and analysis of user-contributed brain data on a global scale and in real-time, before initiating trials of an integrated system.


The tools we develop are versatile, multifunctional, intuitive, and inexpensive. This not only makes them accessible to clinicians and researchers with limited budgets but also encourages their use in the collection and analysis of user-contributed data, which we believe will be of increasing significance for 21st-century brain science.

We are developing tools that help researchers in brain science to overcome the challenges of collecting, managing, and analysing large volumes of data.

For pharmaceutical and medical devices companies striving to deliver products that alleviate and cure the symptoms of mental health disorders.

Our tools offer clinicians more effective approaches to the management of neurological conditions and analysis of brain data on a global scale.


Health Industry



We initiated a project called WINAM in order to develop a product that hopes to one day make it possible to alert epilepsy patients to imminent seizures.


We welcome partnerships with technology companies, in the healthcare, computing, entertainment, and education sectors.

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