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Our Products

A Range of Tools for Managing Complex Medical Data

VMLpro is an advanced cloud-based management and analysis platform for collaborative analysis and remote diagnostics.

NeuroVIS is a real-time data analysis and visualisation engine optimised for biosensory and neuroscience applications.

NeuroTrail is a family of wireless wearables for the capture of EEG, enabling experts and non-experts alike to record clinical-grade EEG effortlessly.

How Do NeuroPro's Products Work Together?

NeuroPro has developed a range of tools for capturing, managing, and processing complex medical data.


Each of our tools provides a unique solution for their specific application, together they offer a powerful and integrated end-to-end system for the complete implementation of complex medical data.

Our tools demonstrate their full potential when used in combination. Integrated into systems, they capture, analyse, visualise and communicate data, in a single, simple, flexible and cohesive platform.

SBDB is making relevant brain data accessible in an anonymized, secure and timely manner, ensuring consistency, completeness, and availability of cases to support and empower human brain research.

Digital Tools for

Next Generation Health Care

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