NeuroPro takes advantage of the latest advances in computer science and digital technology to create new and improved tools that support RESEARCHERS, CLINICIANS, and INNOVATORS in pushing the boundaries of brain science and its applications.

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Partnership is a key element in the way we work. We collaborate with global leaders in the design, development, and implementation of our products and welcome new collaborations.


If you are interested in using one of our products in your own clinical environment, research or in the development of other applications, please get in touch.

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NeuroPro specialises in developing tools for cutting-edge, real-time neurophysiology applications.

We strive to further the progress of brain science by enhancing its accessibility, extending its reach, and expanding its potential use.


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What our Partners are Saying
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This sort of technology is pushing us out of the lab....where we can interpret data very efficiently, very proactively.

Professor Chris Toumazou
Regius Professor

Imperial College, London

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NeuroPro is unique in that they are developing some unique and very powerful and visual solutions.

Dr Sean Hill

Blue Brain Project, Switzerland

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What NeuroPro brought to the table was to just define what's normal for that patient, and what's abnormal, and then let's just see whether that has any correlation to the seizure in an epileptic before or after. And that methodology works.

Dr Amir Eftekhar

Research Fellow

Imperial College, London

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Collaboration is an integral part of our approach. This allows NeuroPro flexible access to the latest research and technology from leaders in the public and private sectors.

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