Our vision

Advances in brain science offer benefits that will impact many aspects of our lives. Improved understanding of the brain will lead to improvements in the management and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders that affect millions. Practical brain-machine-interfaces may soon be realised to replace or restore lost function in millions of patients with amputations or spinal injuries. Beyond healthcare, it is possible to envisage devices and applications for augmenting brain function in healthy individuals to improve cognition and attention.

A significant obstacle to progress is the volume of data that must be collected, monitored and analysed in order to better understand brain function. That is where we will make a difference. We take the latest advances in digital technology – mobile devices, flexible user interfaces and the power of cloud computing – and integrate them into innovative platforms that can enhance the work of researchers and clinicians or form the basis for application development.

The tools we develop are versatile, multifunctional, intuitive and inexpensive. This not only makes them accessible to clinicians and researchers with limited budgets but also encourages their use in the collection and analysis of user-contributed data, which we believe will be of increasing significance for 21st century brain science.

"We aim to push the frontiers of brain science, by enhancing its accessibility and expanding its applications. "