Our story

NeuroPro was founded with the idea of combining advances in digital technology, signal processing and brain science to achieve practical solutions for the management of the full spectrum of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

By applying binary pattern matching to the analysis of EEG signals, NeuroPro developed an algorithm (WINAM) to match abnormal brain activity with the onset of epileptic seizures.

"Understanding the human brain remains among the greatest challenges in modern science. Contemporary research continues to advance with every iteration bringing a potential breakthrough that promises great benefits to all humanity."

This development led to the recognition that the existing devices and computing infrastructure for monitoring and analysis of brain signals were insufficient to address the unmet needs of a research community striving to understand and combat many neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Broadening horizons

Our products have a wide range of potential uses. NeuroTrail allows researchers to monitor brain activity quickly, easily and remotely. VMLpro is a cloud-based platform that facilitates the storage, management, communication and analysis of extremely large data sets from anywhere at anytime. NeuroVIS offers researchers and clinicians an intuitive and user-friendly way to analyse and visualise brain data in 3-dimensions, in real-time and provides a software solution for integrating a large number of commercially available EEG headsets.

These tools for monitoring, processing and analysing brain activity will contribute to significantly accelerated progress in brain research. They provide an advanced platform for the development of a wide range of health and wellness applications from supporting the development of brain observatories to remote telemonitoring, patient led research, neurofeedback and cognitive wellness. Additionally, NeuroPro’s tools are relevant to innovative entertainment, lifestyle and interaction solutions driven by brain computer interface technologies.