One of the many challenges facing researchers in brain science is the volume of data that they collect, manage and analyse. By exploiting the latest advances in digital technology – such as mobile devices, flexible interfaces and cloud computing – we are developing tools that help to overcome those challenges.

Our portable headset – NeuroTrail – makes it possible to rapidly gather high-quality EEG data and monitor brain activity in any environment. VMLpro allows the analysis of large quantities of data, anywhere and at any time, faster and more easily than ever before. NeuroVIS allows users to visualise brain data in three dimensions, in real-time.

A collaborative future

We believe that progress in brain science will be increasingly driven by collaborative data tools and analyses. With affordable hardware connected to mobile devices and our sophisticated SaaS tools for processing and visualising information, we are making this a reality. EEG is now available to anyone, anywhere, and our aim is to use our cloud system to build a big data community of qualified and quality-ranked EEG datasets searchable by patient demographics, activity, disease state, and other variables. This will enable more efficient data management, the possibility of large-scale trials using EEG, the development and testing of algorithms, and stronger and more effective collaboration in the EEG community.

Beyond the brain

Although our work to date has been driven by our background in and passion for brain science, the tools we are developing have wider potential uses. Specifically, our products extend more broadly to physiology where monitoring and analysing other biopotentials in real-time may be equally valuable.