The ambition behind the original foundation of NeuroPro was to apply advances in digital technology and signal processing to the development of an application that would help with the management of epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

The result was the initiation of the WINAM project to develop a product that hopes to one day make it possible to alert epilepsy patients to imminent seizures which are often unpredictable. This would give patients some control over their lives, allowing them the freedom to do things they might have avoided in the past, given the fear and uncertainty associated with seizure occurrences.

This is one example of the difference our work could make to the lives of patients. Our focus now is on developing the next generation of hardware, software and computing infrastructure that will make possible acquisition, management and analysis of user-contributed brain data on a global scale and in real-time, before initiating trials of an integrated system. We believe that this holds the key to a future in which we will be better able to identify, monitor and treat a whole range of neurological conditions.