The ageing population is driving massive growth in the prevalence and burden of mental health disorders, creating an urgent need to make significant advances in understanding brain function and dysfunction to meet this challenge.

We believe that these advances will be underpinned and driven by harnessing the power of big data and collaborative brain science on an unprecedented scale. That’s why we are channelling our efforts to develop simple to use, automated clinical support tools leveraging the next generation of hardware, software and computing infrastructure for the real-time acquisition, management and analysis of brain data on a global scale. In addition to the potential to enhance the efficiency and quality of care, our products aim to enable improved collaboration and communication across the care team and with patients.

NeuroTrail facilitates the simple acquisition of EEG remotely from any location, not only specialist EEG laboratories. These wireless EEG headsets enable telemonitoring of brain states in health and disease on a previously unimaginable scale. The information captured can be streamed to our cloud storage platform to build a bank of EEG datasets that will be may be an invaluable resource for large-scale trials, the development and testing of algorithms, and more effective collaborative research within the healthcare community.

The big data challenge

VMLpro is a mobile platform that facilitates the storage, management and analysis of extremely large data sets from anywhere at anytime. Storage and processing nodes are scaled automatically to meet current requirements thus optimising the user’s computing needs in real-time. The sharing functionality allows multiple users to collaborate globally, avoiding redundancies in data duplication and ensures users always have access to the most recent version of the data. VMLpro is currently optimised for the integration of EEG data and is being expanded to include MRI and intensive care unit data in support of a world-class study of traumatic brain injury.

NeuroVIS maps brain data onto a 3D model of the brain, allowing the user to identify potentially meaningful patterns in complex data sets. Its graphics engine provides unparalleled power for the real-time processing of brain signals.

When NeuroVIS, VMLpro and NeuroTrail are combined, the result is a powerful integrated platform for remotely capturing, storing, analysing and visualising brain signals in real-time.